Advantages of securing ETP funds through Edustone:

State Funds Already Allocated
Simple & Seamless Process
Creative Deployment of
Custom Classes
Dependable & Experienced Administrators
Expert Instructors in Multiple
Technologies & Disciplines

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With Edustone, you get SMART Training Solutions™. 


Eligibility Overview

It is through our combined experience navigating the state bureaucracy that we can help companies like yours qualify for ETP funds and reap the rewards of state-funded employee training.  Our team works closely with you to create a simple, seamless process with positive outcomes. 

Since 1983, the Employment Training Panel has funded training for approximately 600,000 California employees and supported training initiatives of 55,000 California businesses.  The ETP has paid out $1 billion dollars in this effort. 

Company Qualifications

The ETP program has its own eligibility process that a company will need to complete to qualify.  We have been successful in qualifying companies with one of the following characteristics:

  • Facing Out-of-State Competition
  • Corporate Headquarters in California
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Service Industries
  • Construction

Trainee Qualifications

Trainees must also meet specific standards such as:

  • A full-time employee
  • Employed at least 90 days (new hires may also qualify)
  • Earning approximately $12.85 - $14.02 per hour or more including benefits
    (country specific)
  • Retained for 90 days after completing training (voluntary resignations are acceptable)

We encourage you to contact us for a preliminary eligibility assessment.  This quick process is simple and the results will justify the few minutes we spend together.  We can accomplish the eligibility assessment by email or over the phone.