Advantages of securing ETP funds through Edustone:

State Funds Already Allocated
Simple & Seamless Process
Creative Deployment of
Custom Classes
Dependable & Experienced Administrators
Expert Instructors in Multiple
Technologies & Disciplines

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With Edustone, you get SMART Training Solutions™. 


The Employment Training Panel's Contracts

Multi-Employer Contract

In essence, the MEC contract provides funding for training delivered by a corporate training firm to support California companies like yours.  Allocation of the training funds is already in place to train your frontline workers.  Administration and management of the contract is the responsibility of the MEC holder. 

Edustone is a portal into the maze of MEC training providers.  We provide sourcing services to match the right MEC holder to meet your training needs.  The MEC is a clean and seamless solution that requires minimal internal administration to maximize the return on the program.  Please contact us to determine the best solution for your training goals.

Single-Employer Contract

The SEC award leverages a company’s knowledge base by providing internal training solutions to front line workers.  Development of the contract, administration and management of the program is the responsibility of the company applying for the SEC award.  An in-kind contribution towards the project is required and may be monetary or non-monetary. 
Edustone provides consulting services in support of SEC awards in the form of contract development, management and administration services.

We would be happy to discuss these funding options available to you and to determine which is best to augment your professional development programs.  Your experience working with us will be positive and beneficial.  Please contact us to set up a discovery meeting.