What Others Are Saying

Testimonial 1

Working with Edustone to develop and secure a Single-Employer Contract with the Employment Training Panel has given us the necessary tools to empower our frontline workers to be more productive and enjoy an increased sense of job satisfaction.  Edustone maneuvered through the government bureaucracy seamlessly and made the whole experience a simple and positive one for our company.  We highly recommend engaging Edustone as your Employment Training Panel consulting firm.
Champion Electric

Testimonial 2

Edustone provided an important component to our internal professional development program by securing Employment Training Panel funds and accessing our tuition reimbursement program funding.  Our training needs required the development of a customized curriculum, which Edustone was the only company in the nation able to do so. Edustone provided the funding and education solution that has empowered our engineers to have the knowledge and skill sets needed to keep our company competitive in today’s global economy.
BAE Systems


Testimonial 3

It is rare that an HR manager can approach her boss and tell him that I can bring money INTO the company, but that is exactly what Edustone CES allowed me to do.  Thanks to the knowledge of Edustone’s consulting team, we secured nearly $150,000 to train our office staff and front-line workers.  In the construction industry jobs move at a fast pace, now my training budget can keep up.  Thanks, Edustone!
Pan-Pacific Plumbing